Welcome to IGD
International Gateway Distribution “IGD” is the regional Master Value Added Distributor "MVAD" for leading edge suppliers covering Gulf Region; Levant; North Africa; West and East Africa.

IGD offers from the world leading brands a portfolio of complementary products and services. The company carries extensive regional support including Products Supply, Logistics Management, Network Design, Technical Support, Sales Support and Marketing Programs to both suppliers and channel partners.

On the one hand, IGD is a one stop shop for wireless communications equipment needed for today's bandwidth thirsty market. The wide range of applications include point to point links for corporate backbone, industrial networking, government and society connectivity solutions, rural area communications, wireless ISPs and many other applications.

IGD Wireless portfolio covers IP-Wireless, Free Space Optic Links, PDH, SDH and Millimeter Microwaves and fulfils various architectures including but not limited to Point to Point, Multipoint and Mesh infrastructures.

International Gateway Distribution provides secure, fast and reliable wireless network connectivity that’s easy to deploy. The infrastructure is light and installation is fast.

IGD Wireless Broadband access solutions provide a service infrastructure in which distance and bandwidth are no longer the limits for your business.

On the other hand, IGD offers a compelling E-Security product range enabling small, medium and large accounts to optimize and strengthen their ICT infrastructures.

To name only a few, the wide range of solutions include Anti-Spam, Content Filtering, Link Load Balancing, Servers Load Balancing, Data Storage, Web Application Firewalls and NG Firewalls.

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