Welcome to IGD
International Gateway Distribution “IGD” is the regional Master Value Added Distributor "MVAD" for leading edge suppliers covering Gulf Region; Levant; North Africa; West and East Africa.

IGD offers from the world leading brands a portfolio of complementary products and services. The company carries extensive regional support including Products Supply, Logistics Management, Network Design, Technical Support, Sales Support and Marketing Programs to both suppliers and channel partners.
As a solid part of its commercial philosophy, IGD seek channel partners where the success of clients represents the core of their business conduct. An IGD robust channel partners’ network has been developed over the years consisting of companies with reputed, talented and professional staff who are sensitive about the quality of the services they offer to enterprises in various market segments. Companies with the same philosophy are always welcome to join our team of the leading wireless networking and E-Security Value Added Resellers and Prominent System Integrators.
Broadband Wireless:
Deploy more bandwidth to more clients using the IGD IP-Wireless Broadband Access Range of Products.
• The Challenge:
Internet Service Providers ‘ISP” are seeking City-Wide, Campus and Indoor Buildings Coverage delivering Internet to Laptops and Computers. Furthermore, ISP is usually facing planned operations in urban or rural areas in which in which the communications infrastructure is limited, cooper quality is not good enough for DSL service, distances are longer than the DSL limits, or the local Telco owning the land network is a competitor?
• The Solution:
IGD is proposing a whole range of Backhaul Microwaves, Free Space Optics and IP-Wireless products delivering connectivity for rural and urban areas including Point to Point, Multipoint, and Mesh indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi and Wimax Solutions.
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